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#ThankATeacher In Wayne NJ During National Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week National Teacher Appreciation Week takes place during the first full week of May each year, for 2019 that’s May 5-11th. Since 1984, the National PTA has designated one week in May as a special time to honor the men and women who lend their passion and skills to educating our children. PTA […]

Dr. Maldonado Was Named A Top Dentist In Wayne NJ

Let’s hear 3 cheers for your trusted Wayne NJ dentist, Dr. Frank V. Maldonado! Mostly we don’t like to toot our own horn around Wayne Dental Arts, but we wanted to show off a little bit…even if Dr. Maldonado doesn’t know we’re writing this. In our Wayne NJ dentist office, the entire team here at […]

Wayne NJ Dentist Deciphers The Most Common Dental Terms

When patients visit our Wayne NJ dentist office, sometimes we catch ourselves using some pretty scientific sounding terms to describe normal dental health problems and procedures. We usually figure this out by the quizzical looks we receive from our patients, but just in case we’ve compiled this dental dictionary list of terms to help you […]

Is Your Dentist A Little Too Talkative?

See How to Deal with a Chatty Dentist We’ve all been there…your dentist is what seems like shoulder deep in your mouth when they start asking questions. So, how’s the family? Have you been flossing daily? How does my wristwatch feel on the back of your throat? Yada, yada, yada… These aren’t some obscure, rhetorical, […]

3 Reasons Dentists Hate To See April Go

What Is It About April that Dentists Love? Don’t be mistaken, dentists love every day of every month of the year they get to fight off the cavity creeps for their trusting patients. But they seem to favor a couple few months that really drive home the dental health awareness message. Now that Spring is […]

What Is A Root Canal & Why Would You Need One?

Wayne NJ Dentist Shares Common Root Canal Myths & Truths In case you missed our last installment of enthralling root canal news in this post, let’s answer that question immediately. A root canal is a dental procedure to remove the infected tooth pulp when it gets infected due to a cavity or trauma. A root […]

SMILE…June Is National Smile Month!

Bet You Didn’t Know June Is National Smile Month Smiles are free, they’re contagious, relieve stress, boost our immune systems, and smiling considered is a universal sign of happiness. As if we need another reason to smile more? Along with ringing in Summer, schools letting out – there’s a reason for several million smiles across […]

This Wayne Dentist Has 5 Smile Improvement Gifts for You

Are you still searching for some Christmas or Hanukkah gifts? Our Wayne dentist office can help you give the gift of a healthy smile this Holiday season. Dr. Frank V. Maldonado is offering a number of smile improvement gifts for our patients, and their loved ones. Whether you’re looking for something to give someone special, […]

Dr. Maldonado Wins 2015 Patients’ Choice Award By

Wayne dentist Dr. Frank V. Maldonado, recently won the 2015 Patient’s Choice award sponsored by Opencare helps patients find the right health provider for them, and helps connect doctors with patients with their online appointment scheduling platform. Here at Wayne Dental Arts we strive to deliver you the best possible experience at your dental […]

Wayne Dental Arts is Going Chartless

Wayne NJ Dentist Going Digital for Our Patients Convenience The entire team here at the office of Dr. Frank V. Maldonado, D.D.S. recently underwent “Chartless Training” to give our patients a more convenient & secure dental health experience here at Wayne Dental Arts. We now live in the digital age, and we don’t think we’ll […]