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3 Gifts That Will Have You Smiling All Year Long

It doesn’t matter if your Holiday celebrations include an Elf on a Shelf, a Mensch on a Bench, or a Festivus Pole, these three gifts are guaranteed to keep on giving for the entire year. OK maybe a couple of months for the toothbrush, and perhaps a few weeks for the floss and toothpaste but […]

4 Holiday Foods That Are Bad for Your Teeth & Breath

During the Holiday Season we’re all more than a little bit more inclined to nosh on some less than healthy foods, and it makes sense that some of those foods that are bad for your teeth – and give you bad breath. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or Festivus, eating & drinking a little more […]

This Wayne Dentist Has 5 Smile Improvement Gifts for You

Are you still searching for some Christmas or Hanukkah gifts? Our Wayne dentist office can help you give the gift of a healthy smile this Holiday season. Dr. Frank V. Maldonado is offering a number of smile improvement gifts for our patients, and their loved ones. Whether you’re looking for something to give someone special, […]

How Does Dental Insurance Work?

Sometimes we hear that our patients are more than a little confused by all the ins & outs of their dental insurance policies. If you’re a little clueless about how dental insurance works, or by which services are covered and which ones aren’t, let’s see if we can shed some light on the issue. As […]