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It’s Never Too Early to Teach Your Child Proper Dental Hygiene

Get An Early Start For Children’s Dental Health Teeth help us bite, chew, speak clearly and smile. Even babies need healthy teeth. But teeth need proper care to stay healthy and strong. It’s never too early to start on the path to good dental health. Diet plays a role in tooth decay. When you eat […]

15 Kissing Facts You May Not Have Known…

15 Facts About Kissing Nobody wants to lean in for a kiss with their breath smelling like garlic, onions, or any of these foul-smelling bad breath foods. But luckily for us – and luckier for those whom we’ll be kissing on Valentine’s Day – we don’t have to deal with a potentially kiss killing funk […]

4 Foods That Give You Bad Breath

Are Any of These Bad Breath Foods on Your Valentine’s Day Menu? With Valentine’s Day coming up, we’d all better make sure we keep these bad breath foods off the dinner menu. Of course we can all name the usual suspects when it comes to the most offensive Holiday foods to avoid. Garlic, onions, tuna […]