DIY Dentistry: Just Don’t Do It?

DIY Dentistry by Wayne Dental Arts

Dentistry Is Not A Do-It-Yourself Thing

Maybe you’ve seen Draymond pitching mail-order invisible aligners from Smile Direct Club, or perhaps you remember the Extreme Cheapskates episode when a man attempts to extract his wife’s tooth with some pliers and a vacuum cleaner.

Believe it or not, DIY dentistry is becoming so popular that the American Dental Associated (ADA) is warning consumers about the dangers of do-it-yourself dentistry – or at-home dentistry.

And we’re not talking about some frontier dentistry on the latest episode of Life Below Zero, DIY dentistry is big business.

So much so that the ADA launched a public service campaign strongly discouraging DIY teeth-straightening because of the potential risks to patients.

The ADA warns,

“If teeth are improperly aligned, gum tissue may be impinged or stripped.”

Despite the convenience & cost claims touted by the multi-million dollar ad campaigns on TV, Facebook, YouTube and wherever else, straightening your teeth is not a do-it-yourself endeavor – at least not without first the examination, prescribed treatment, and ongoing supervision of a licensed dentist.

Which to be fair, is exactly what a couple of the big businesses behind the at-home teeth straightening trend had to say, according to the following video from NBC Miami.

“Our team completely agrees with the ADA. Generally, DIY dentistry is a bad idea. Unless of course, it’s brushing your teeth. Our direct to consumer model is not DIY.”

Another company went on to say theirs,

“is not a ‘do-it-yourself’ service… our service is completely doctor prescribed and doctor monitored.”
“All customers are treated by a dentist or orthodontist, licensed in their state, who creates their customized treatment plan and then monitors the process remotely through the platform with regular check-ins.”
“The customer can connect with their treating doctor at any point through the treatment plan.”

Their statement when on to say how they,

“have helped over three hundred thousand people get the smile they love, safely and effectively, while bringing access to the over 60% of the US counties that do not have access to orthodontics for mild to moderate spacing and crowding.”

Is At-Home Teeth Straightening Safe & Effective?

Does that statement mean that DIY dentistry, at-home dentistry, DIY teeth whitening, at-home teeth whitening – or straightening, or whatever, would be a healthy, effective treatment for you?

Maybe, maybe not.

What is for sure is that your dentist knows best, whether that includes an endorsement to engage in at-home teeth straightening, a referral to an Orthodontist, or an Invisalign treatment plan.

Isn’t your health worth the inconvenience – and most times no-cost – of a 30-minute consultation?

Miami dentist Dr. Monica Gonzalez says yes…

“Ask your dentist if it is okay if I do this.”

Invisalign In Wayne NJ: Dr. Frank V. Maldonado, D.D.S.

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