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2 More Dental Health Myths to Dispel

In our first installment exploring some of the most common dental health myths, we examined how tooth pain and dental x-rays are two myths to be busted. Part two of this series identifies a couple more myths we need to dispel, much to the detriment of our dental health. Dental Health Myth #3: Bleeding Gums […]

Don’t Believe In These Dental Health Myths

Wayne NJ Dentist Shares Some the Biggest Myths About Dental Health We are all guilty of believing one too many tall tales, but when we let dental health myths start effecting our teeth and gums, it could also negatively impact our overall health. Let’s identify and discuss some of the most common dental health myths […]

Got A Dental Emergency? See What To Do

What To Do If You Have A Dental Emergency And Can’t Get To The Dentist Immediately If a tooth has been chipped, broken or knocked out, you’ll need to do the following: Hold the tooth by its crown (i.e. the part of the tooth that’s attached to the gums) and place it in a cup of […]