Smile Makeovers: What Is It & Why Get One

Wayne NJ Smile Makeovers

Your Smile Is The Only One That You Have

It’s been said that smiles are contagious, but nobody can steal yours. Our individual smiles are as unique as snowflakes.

Generally speaking, human beings value individuality, so it’s no mystery that you wouldn’t want anything less when it comes to showing off your smile.

Enter the custom smile makeover.

What Is A Custom Smile Makeover

Is it the noticeable imperfections in your teeth, the color, or gaps in your teeth that are motivating you to seek out a smile makeover solution?

Nobody should be ashamed of their smile!

You’re not alone, but that doesn’t mean you want a cookie-cutter smile solution either.

At our Wayne NJ dental practice, Dr. Maldonado offers a completely customized smile makeover solution that is specifically designed to accentuate your facial attributes, providing you with a new, dazzling, natural-looking smile.

A custom smile makeover is one of the best ways to shape up your smile.

Whether you want a matching shade of teeth whitening, or a more uniform appearance achieved by dental veneers, Dr. Maldonado first takes some time to talk candidly with you about the specific reasons prompting you to want a smile makeover.

Actually, Dr. Maldonado does this before beginning any cosmetic dentistry treatment. 

This communication is important to ensure that your smile makeover will not only result in a shiny new smile you’ll be happy to show off, but more importantly it’ll fit your face.

We’ve all see those chicklet-looking veneers, or the bleachorexic who’s basically addicted to teeth whitening – these are not desirable results.

Why Get A Smile Makover?

Nobody wants overly white or large chicklet teeth that bear no resemblance to your best looking smile.

And nobody wants to endure that self-conscious feeling of dread when taking pictures, seeing loved ones, meeting new people, nailing that job interview, or stealing a kiss from that special someone.

Fortunately, modern customized smile makeovers provide individualized alternatives to one-size-fits-all outdated cosmetic dentistry enhancements.

You deserve a smile that is both beautiful and as unique as you are!

Here are some of the major reasons we hear when talking with patients about their desire to enhance their smile with a customized smile makeover:

  1. Staining from coffee & tea
  2. Discoloration from drinking red wine
  3. Smoking or smokeless tobacco use
  4. Medication

All of these lifestyle factors can also affect which cosmetic treatment will be most applicable to you in the long term.

To make sure that you are completely satisfied with your smile makeover results you need to be upfront with Dr. Maldonado about any lifestyle factors which may adversely impact your smile – post makeover.

For a lot of cases we treat here, Dr. Maldonado actually recommends restorative treatment before your smile makeover, such as a tooth-colored filling to treat decay.

There is no reason to slap a veneer over an unhealthy tooth, that wouldn’t get you the results you desire, and it would be totally against our philosophy here at Wayne Dental Arts.

Unhappy With Your Smile Makeover?

Get a FREE 2nd Opinion Consultation at Wayne Dental Arts!

If you’re unhappy with a previous smile makeover attempt by another dentist, we invite you to take advantage of a FREE 2nd Opinion Consultation today.

A new beautiful smile is just a phone call away…schedule your appointment today at (973) 694-8625!

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