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Straight Teeth Are Healthy Teeth

Get Straighter Healthier Teeth with Invisalign NOT Metal Braces

Did you know that crooked teeth are unhealthy teeth?

Dentists love the month of October, and it’s not just the Halloween candy overload that equates to job security.

Aside from Halloween, October also has two other dental-centric reasons to celebrate dental health…National Dental Hygiene Month and National Orthodontic Health Month.

As we’ve already discussed in this post, it’s important to “Do The Daily 4” to maintain a healthy, attractive smile.

And with the added side-effect benefit of saving money on dental care by avoiding higher cost treatments, why wouldn’t you make sure to brush, floss, rinse, & chew your way to optimal oral (& overall) health? Read the rest of this entry »

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5 Toothy Tips for a Healthy Halloween

Halloween Tips for Healthy Teeth

Halloween is about two weeks away, kids all over Wayne NJ & Passaic County are scrambling to decide what costume they’re going with while parents are busy perfecting their decorations & arranging their best of the block candy selection.

Although this is usually a day of sugary sweet candy overload, there are some ways parents & kids can help stop the cavity creeps in their tracks while still enjoying the occasion.

Deliciously decadent chocolate and candy treats dominate the day, but we don’t necessarily need to do permanent damage our teeth.

Halloween is also a good opportunity to tell (or remind) our kids that candy and other sweets can cause cavities…and what kid wants to go to the dentist?

Dental fear factor negative reinforcement tactics aside, let’s look at how we can all treat our teeth better this Halloween. Read the rest of this entry »

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October Is National Dental Hygiene Month

4 Smile Tips for National Dental Hygiene Month

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Share the “Do The Daily 4” Tips In National Dental Hygiene Month & Every Day

Aside from one of the favorite holidays for dentists – Halloween coming at the end of the month – October also features two other occasions to help raise awareness for oral health – National Dental Hygiene Month being one, and National Orthodontic Health month being the other.

More on how a straigher smile = a healthy smile later, for now let’s help spread some awareness about dental hygiene. Read the rest of this entry »

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Wayne Dental Arts is Going Chartless

Wayne NJ Dental Arts Chartless Training

Wayne NJ Dentist Going Digital for Our Patients Convenience

The entire team here at the office of Dr. Frank V. Maldonado, D.D.S. recently underwent “Chartless Training” to give our patients a more convenient & secure dental health experience here at Wayne Dental Arts.

We now live in the digital age, and we don’t think we’ll all be using more paper in the future.

Over the last few decades, businesses of all types have taken steps to embrace new technology in order to better serve the public – and we’re no different.

Our philosophy of patient service is to individualize dental health care, provide accurate diagnosis, and to help our patients attain the level of dental & overall health that they desire and deserve.

Oral Health = Overall Health & Wellness!

How Does This Chartless Training Benefit Our Patients?

Read the rest of this entry »

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Wayne NJ Dentist Launches Dental Health Blog

Dr. Maldonado and staff

Wayne NJ Dental Health Blog by Dr. Frank V. Maldonado, D.D.S.

Wayne NJ dentist, Dr. Frank Maldonado is proud to announce the launch of our new dental health blog here at Wayne Dental Arts.

We’ve been happy to share a window into our office on social media over the past year or so, and we continue to hope doing so with this blog.

We’d love to hear your comments, questions, interesting stories, and we’d like to show off a little of what we believe makes us special! Read the rest of this entry »

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